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Trips from Breda

  • 19 April 2018
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Breda keeps on developing in mobility and accessibility!

Before it was not an easy route to take from Breda Station to the Efteling theme park and vica versa by public transport, but this has changed! From now on there is a direct bus connection back and forward.

The Efteling Express Breda Line 802 transports you in a comfortable bus within 40 minutes between the Breda Station and the Efteling in weekends and holidays.

There is also a special combination ticket available for €38,00 per person which contains the bus ride and entrance for the park.

Tickets are available on the Arriva website.

Check here for the timetable for the Efteling Express Breda.


Besides that now there also is the possibility to travel between Breda and Antwerp by train within 30 minutes, starting from €9,00 per person per one way ticket!

Tickets are available through this link.

He earlier you book, the cheaper it is!

So with the above possibilities you can make your Breda city trip even more comprehensive!