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Which measurements are applied against the corona virus at Golden Tulip Keyser Breda

Currently, we apply certain measurements in the hotel to guarantee everyone’s safety as much as possible.


General measurements:

  • We ask our guests to cancel their stay if: they are coughing and/or sneezing; they have a sore throat or lung infection; they are short of breath and/or ill with a cold or have the fever.
  • Please keep 1,5 meters distance to others inside the hotel
  • Please keep cash payments to a minimum
  • The front desk and elevator buttons are disinfected regularly
  • Our gym will remain closed for the coming period
  • Disinfectant can be found at multiple locations in the hotel
  • Our toilets will be cleaned more often and more thoroughly
  • We ask our guests to disinfect their hands upon arrival at the hotel


Measurements for stay overs:

  • To keep the amount of contact to a minimum, we ask our guests to pay their reservations in advance. You’ll receive a payment link per email. It is also possible to transfer the money to our bank account yourself. Please don’t forget to note your reservation number in the payment description.
  • Guests don’t need to fill in a registration form at the check in, we ask them to show us a document of identification.
  • If guests didn’t add anything extra to their room bill, we ask them to just drop the key in the key drop box for the check out.
  • Used key cards will be disinfected before they are used for the next hotel guest.
  • To Limit mutual contact as much as possible, our housekeeping will only clean your room when you check out and on request during your stay. You will be automatically registered for our green clog system. (You will receive a free drink in our hotel bar when you skip the stay-over service if you hang a green clog on the door)



  • From June 1 it is again possible for all guests to dine in our hotel. Reservations in our restaurant are mandatory and only households or reservations of 2 people do not have to keep a distance. 
  • Our staff will serve your dinner on a side table/guéridon to limit mutual contact.
  • The tables are regularly disinfected.
  • At the moment, a maximum of 15 rooms can be served at the same time for dinner and breakfast. When this number is exceeded we will work with timeslots which can be booked at the restaurant or reception.





  • 2 days in advance, we will send an email to the meeting organizer(s), which contains:

          o   The meeting room

          o   When lunch will be served

          Participants will receive this email from the organizer(s), so they can walk straight to the                    correct meeting room upon arrival in our hotel

  • Coffee machines will be 1,5 meters apart
  • The reception provides a disinfected key card.
  • Coffee, tea, and soft drinks ‘to go’ are available and should be consumed in the meeting room or on your way home
  • Disinfectant is available in all our meeting rooms
  • Lunch is served from a buffet for larger groups. When there is no possibility to keep your distance, we will work with time slots for lunch. In case of smaller groups, a plate service is provided. Tables are 1.5 meters apart and upon entering you are asked to disinfect your hands. At the buffet there is the possibility to use plastic disposable gloves.